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5 tips to keep your cat happy in summer

When summer arrives, we all change our habits to put up with the heat, and it should be no different for our feline friends. Although cats can tolerate heat better than other animals, high temperatures still pose a health risk. So, it’s important to take some precautions to make sure they enjoy the summer season as much as we do.

Want to know how to protect your cat from the heat this summer? Here’s some advice:

Keep your cat hydrated: cold water helps control your cat’s body temperature. Make sure their water bowl is always full and don’t forget to change it frequently so it doesn’t get hot. You can also add ice cubes to lower the temperature or even make cat ice creams with water and dry cat food.

Provide a cool place for your cat to rest: put your cat’s bed in a place protected from the sun, close to a fan so they have somewhere to take shelter when they feel tired or warm. In the summer, cats love to lounge around on the cool floor tiles, so it’s a good idea to mop the floor every day to keep it fresh and help your pet beat the heat during their precious naptime.

Brush your cat frequently: unfortunately, we can’t take layers of clothes off our cats in summer—but we can reduce the thickness of their fur to help keep them cool. Brush your cat daily to get rid of excessive hair, and give them a haircut while you’re at it. They might complain a bit at the time, but they’ll definitely thank you for it later.

When travelling, remember to make sure your pet is comfortable: if you take your cat on holiday, never leave them locked in the car. Vehicles heat up really easily, which can cause a sudden increase in body temperature.

Reduce their physical activity during the hottest parts of the day: try to leave play sessions for the mornings or evenings, and don’t let them go outside in the midday sun.

Bursts of heat can have terrible consequences for their health, so prevention is always the best course of action. With these simple tips, you can keep the heat at bay and make sure your cat is healthy and happy throughout the summer.

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