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3 tips for an odourless Christmas season

The Christmas season is approaching and that means there’ll likely be guests in your home. At this hectic time of the year – with all the feasts, presents and small children running around – it’s important to maintain hygiene in your home so you can enjoy the festivities in a clean and comfortable environment. In this article, we explain the key to keeping your cat’s litter box clean and how to keep odours and germs at bay.

Place the litter box in a corner out of the way

Cats are shy when it comes to receiving guests, and even more so when using the litter box with people watching. So, avoid putting it in the living room or kitchen where all your Christmas meals are being prepared. Ideally, to stop unpleasant odours and make sure your visitors and cat feel comfortable, it’s best to put it away from prying eyes, whether in the bathroom or in another room. Likewise, it’s essential that it isn’t placed near a heating appliance, as this could intensify the smell of the litter box.

Remove waste before receiving guests

How often you need to clean the litter box and change its entire contents will depend on the type of litter you use. However, it’s important that you wash and disinfect the tray each time you change the litter to maintain good hygiene. What’s more, if you want to keep the litter box clean throughout your festivities, try to remove any remaining urine or excrement before your guests arrive to prevent bad smells from accumulating throughout the evening.

Choose a quick-absorbing litter with odour control

There are litters whose composition helps to control bad smells, maintain a cleaner environment and not generate much dust, which comes as an advantage if you have small guests crawling around at home. Accordingly, the litters with high clumping power are a great ally when it comes to controlling odours and maintaining cleanliness. They prevent the growth of bacteria and eliminate unpleasant odours even before they appear.

With these simple tricks, while also choosing a litter with high odour control, you can keep your home clean and remove any foul smells from disrupting this important festive period. You and your visitors will feel more comfortable, and your feline friend will also appreciate you providing them with a clean, secluded space to get on with their business with the privacy they deserve.